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Friday, July 24, 2009

My Entourage...

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Some pics I took today and on Wednesday!

The jet's leaving vincy soil...

This one was taken from the balcony...Arnos Vale Stadium...and the unknown (to me) ship

Well after a busy morning, now it's time for me to relax! Hope you enjoy the pics...

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morinn said...

I love planes or any aircraft shots! They look impressive. I'm always trying to catch helicopters on camera but they move so quick those damn thigs.

Bruno said...

What camera did you use to catch a flying plane? ok maybe it was not that fast at first on the track, but at take off ... my old Premier cam would never take a decent pic, even in Sport mode :S

Hey you have a nice view from you balcony. You live in paradise :)

Wez Tout-Court said...

@Morinn planes have always fascinated me too. Then I moved to a place where I can sit in my living room and see planes take off! And still planes don't cease to amaze me. The one in the shot is a weekly jet...it lands...offloads its cargo and takes off! :)

@Bruno I've got a not so impressionable Kodak MD1063, bought in Currys! :) As to how I caught the jet's take-off? Let's just say I click as fast as I think! hehehehe.....

Ă…nGe|e said...

You can actually see planes taking off from your room? That's nice. I like planes :D
But what about the noise? Do you have to endure the aircraft noise too?

Wez Tout-Court said...

@Angele When I just came here I was 'conscious' of the noise. Strangely it never bothered me. Now I don't even know when planes are landing or taking off! :)

Mervin said...

nice to get snapshots of air planes =)

Wez Tout-Court said...

Yes! :) I'm enjoying it. I gotta take more...

Mervin said...

ahh it is during those times one wish one had a 75-300m lens :p

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