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Monday, July 27, 2009

Ear I Am!

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Since last week, water got into my ear and it’s still bothering me but less than before. I don’t like doctors and will go to one only if it’s an emergency. A running ear doesn’t require any medical assistance – it wasn’t the case when I was young. I used to be a frequent visitor at the hospital. Not anymore. I tend to keep it that way.

Anyway, back to my running ear. A very dear individual gave me a book to read. It’s about natural cures. I’ve shelved it and thought I wouldn’t need it in the immediate future. Was I ever so wrong! When he found out about my ear problem he asked me to read the book and I’ll find something to ease the pain. Too stubborn to read I ignored his advice. It took me spouse around 3 days to finally find the book and looked up any ear-related complication. And there it was at the very top of the page and I nearly missed it!

The author suggests as treatment to use Yellow Dock, lemon juice diluted one-half, oil of origanum, and peroxide of Hydrogen. Warm the mixture and put it in your ear. I was initially skeptical after reading that. Years of hospital’s treatments and my ear is still not cured. For the sake of my own peace of mind and my husband’s I decided to have a go at it. At home we had Hydrogen Peroxide and lemon. So hubby warmed the concoction and put it my left and right ears.

Holy Molly! It worked! My ear is still blocked but it feels much lighter! I’m still baffled at this marvellous remedy.

So I’ve decided to put up another blog or section to share the herbal and natural cures suggested by Mr. Kloss – author of the book.

Now it’s time to go and show my appreciation to hubby!

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Bruno said...

:D natural remedies are often so amazing :D yeah it'll be great if you share these remedies with us ... of course I'll index the blog :D

Hope your ear gets better very soon

Please also verify your template, it's hell difficult to type in the comment from Firefox, the bottom buttons are hidden, I have to use the TAB key to access them

morinn said...

Sometimes simple remedies do wonders, huh? The only herbal remedy that I've tried so far is aloe vera sap to treat a burn. It really worked!

Wez Tout-Court said...

@Bruno I'll check it...and thank you!

@Morinn I've got aloe vera at home. My father in-law boils it, blends it with coconut water and then drinks it. I tried it twice. It's bitter but good for cleansing...I have yet to try it on the spots on my legs!

Wez Tout-Court said...

@Bruno I'm on FF right now and commenting with no problem? Every button is where it should be...and I can even hover on them as well...I think you should consider moving from FF to Chrome :)

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