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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The 80-20 Rule!

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Before I start my short story, let me explain the 80-20 rule to those who are unaware of its existence. Strictly speaking about relationships, the rule says that 80% of most men's needs get taken care of by a wife or a partner and still they are inclined to look for someone else for the remaining 20%.

Years ago, I met Mr. 80. I was being courted in the way a girl dreams of. Everything was going fine until I met Mr. 20. My whole being knew it was wrong but I was too weak to resist his charm. And in his bed I fell! Mr. 20 can only be Mr. 20. So I thought. Over a course of a year, he turned into Mr. 80! I still ask myself how it happened and sheets and wooden floor come to mind!

And now four years later he's no longer Mr. 80 but Mr. 100!

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morinn said...

aww... That's really cute! I bet he'll be proud to know that he's Mr. 100! Hihi

Wez Tout-Court said...

His eyes misted when I showed him what I wrote :)

Anonymous said...

hihiii...nice one!

Wez Tout-Court said...

:) @aniisah

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