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Thursday, July 23, 2009

His Age ≠ Her Age

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I can officially call today a totally wretched day. Water got in my left ear and now i’m partially deaf, hopefully not for long. I can’t say if that’s the reason why my brain’s activity has gone into overdrive mode. Whenever I feel low I think of all the hardships life threw at me, what other grievances I’d bear in the future, and today it was no different. But my blog is about a different topic and the aforesaid rambling was just to state the frame of mind I’m presently in.

People, who believe in love, say that age is just a number. Falling in love is so easy. I won’t contest it. But how do you fuel/nurture the flame into everlastingness when you fall in love with someone who is almost twice your age? How do you bridge the gap? In my case, it’s 11 years.

Very often we are at loggerheads over personal plans. A classic example: He wants to go out to a nice restaurant or pub-hopping while I fancy going to the club! He claims that he cannot bear overcrowded places, especially where very young people are hanging out in groups. I love crowded clubs! I don’t have to show off my lack of moves to all and sundry. In his ‘younger’ days he used to party a lot, stay out till the following morning, have a quick shower and out again.

I’m still young as compared to him. I want to experience whatever he had when he was my age too. Is it selfish of me to have such expectations? I don’t think so. Is it selfish of him to expect me to pander to his every whim? I’m still pondering on this one. LOL (Ah love is blind huh?)

We click on everything except on our plans for social outings. I know many would say it’s just a clash of personalities but according to our astrological signs (Cynics skip this sentence :)) we are made for each other! And it’s true. It’s a clash of personalities when the couple is from the same age bracket. My beau loves partying but not when I want! He’s an 80’s party animal and I got my feet firmly planted in the new millennium.

It is really different when you’re with someone who is not from the same age bracket as you.

Or, is age indeed JUST a number?

P.S: I'm feeling much better now! :D

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