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Friday, August 7, 2009

Not My Own...

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Post...I came across a blogger where she said she borrowed the concept from someone else...looks like fun so I thought I'd give it a try too... :)

Outside my window...Right now, I’m outside; enjoying the beautiful weather with my niece...we’re singing, drawing, typing, blogging, tweeting... :)

I am thinking...what to cook for lunch...or should I not cook today since it’s Friday? Hubby doesn’t like home-cooked food on Friday!

I am thankful for...having a supportive husband, a loving family and a shelter over my head.

From the kitchen...I usually don’t face the window unless I’m doing dishes.

I am wearing...a pair of blue-grey shorts and hubby’s tee.

I am creating...a blog post!

I am going...to bathe – again - after I finish publishing this post.

I am reading...no book right now. I need to visit the local library.

I am hoping...for a sunny weekend.

I am hearing...rustling of leaves and somebody’s mowing the lawn!

Around the house...there’s grass...hehehe

One of my favorite things...watching TV since I finally got the remote control.

A few plans for the rest of the week...staying in, watching TV, sleeping...lazy weekend ahead of me...yayy!

Have a blessed weekend y'all!

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Bruno said...

lol, weird concept but yeah, interesting to read. You are saying a lot about yourself lol.

Why do girls like to steal their partner's clothes? lol

You bathe often lolz

Wez Tout-Court said...

Hahaha...yea nice concept...

I'm most of the time in his clothes...they are comfy...

I bathe MINIMUM 3 times a day... :) It's too hot and I get irritated...so a shower fixes that...

morinn said...

Guys' clothes are real comfy huh? I once exchanged pants with my boyfriend and thought his looked awesome on me! Hehe!

In summer I bathe a lot too. In winter it's usually twice a day or just once if I've stayed at home all day.

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