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Friday, July 31, 2009

What Are You Doing?

13 Opinion(s)

After the news about UoM charging a penalty fee to its students who failed in one or more than one module, I’m not quite surprised at the numerous responses this issue has evoked.

The fracas clearly shows the anger, frustration and hatred towards the university. The Mauritian blogosphere is resonating with outrage! I think I would be riding on a high horse too, but for totally different reasons. First and foremost I’d blame myself for not paying close attention to the fine prints on the agreement I appended my signature while registering for a particular course with the said university. Then I’d berate myself for not studying harder. And thirdly I’d make sure to find out why my lecturers are not as dedicated as my teachers from primary and secondary schools.

Hey! Wait a minute! Didn’t you know that a lecturer would NOT indulge any spoon-feeding tactics in classes! Exception in some cases. But still the job description of a lecturer is a subset of that of a teacher!

You cannot attribute your failure to anyone but yourself. University life represents the beginning of adulthood. Assume your responsibilities. Man up.

If the administrative body is ‘pulling tricks’ on you, you have the right to impugn the new rule and question the basis of such an exorbitant decision.

Take drastic measures if you feel you’ve been treated unfairly! Don’t sit in front of your computer screen and moan about it!

Get out there and fight for what you think is right.

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morinn said...

Yeah well even though I feel sorry for those who had to repeat, I guess there was no secret. Working harder was the key. UOM has recently been known to be imposing strict regulations and penalty fees, this could have been expected. Got friends who are repeating too. They have accepted it. If something had to be done, it should have been BEFORE the letter of re-registration was received.

Yashvin said...

I agree with you BUT imposing a penalty fee of Rs20000, is like bringing an end to the study of some people, don't u think?

UOM is no more an institution to study, but is becoming a financial institute, collecting only money!

As an ex uom student, my post will come soon tonight or tomorrow.

Bruno said...

Well said! I agree with you 100% here. I find these rantings about the penalty fee very childish.

Lecturers are not teachers, they are ... lecturers. They just put the material on their slides and it's up to you to understand, not them to make sure you understand.

Yashvin said...

@Bruno : Yeah, some reactions are very childish, but I still feel sorry for those who have to pay that penalty fee.

A student who fails does not necessarily imply that he/she has been bunking classes or not studying. They might have their own personal reasons, and a rs20,000 penalty is a big deal for loads of people in Mauritius!

Wez Tout-Court said...

@Yashvin the fee is hefty but that should have been a motivation NOT to fail...don't ya think?

@Morinn and @Bruno we're on the same boat! Failures always bring out the worse in narrow-minded people - you should USE it to become stronger!

Kurt Avish said...

@Wez: Concerning your reply to Yashvin above that it should have been a motivation to not fail.. I am not concerned directly with this decision as its mostly for year 1 students but somehow UOM has been a real b!tch in doing because this clause was not mentioned in last year's regulations. There is an article getting ready for tommorow about that.

Also this decision was not even announced in advance.. results are out and students have two weeks to get rs38000

About students who fail: Fail does not mean that a student is lame. Failure is not only because of flirting with the gf or bf at the back of UOM (which is stricly monitored btw lol). While many fail because of their own acts bt there are many who fails due to circumstances....lecturers lost assignments submiited...of course they will never agree their fault... fail..coz u got the damn black out in exam...fail coz u missed a class test which was nt accepted by the lecturer to be given another chance...etc. By these i mean there are legit cases of failure and why pay such a big penalty fee.

Ashfaq said...

@all- As far as i am concerned about this. The main issue is .. When was that rs20,000 imposed..
If everyone was informed beforehand.. i follow Wez's point of view.. it would have been a carrot! for the student.. lolz..carrot is not around :P
hmm.. but in the case the student was not o-courant !! .. i guess most students were not though !! .. i was myself amazed to hearing all that !! ..

Wez Tout-Court said...

@Kurt 'Failures always bring out the worse in narrow-minded people - you should USE it to become stronger!' meant you act irrationally or unreasonably WHEN/AFTER you fail. I didn't mention any reason WHY one fails.

As you aforementioned, there are various reasons why one 'missed the boat'.


@ashfaq: I agree. The administration is to be blamed as well for its unclear/inadequate/lack of communication skills.

Yashvin said...

@Wez Tout-Court : Isn't Rs20,000 some kind of punishment to the parents instead of penalty for the students? Sorry, but I find this amount too much, even for a motivation factor.

Sun said...

The penalty fee is really exaggerated. And about working harder, i have friends who were better a whole year in a particular module, but in the end failed the module. I dont know how to explain this. Ha! In terms of inteligence, there's no doubt they are highly gifted, nevertherless the system failed them. Hardword isnt the key. I have to become a happy slave of the system. thats the keys.

Wez Tout-Court said...

@Yashvin & @Sun

Ok for argument's sake let's say the penalty fee was RS5,000? How many amongst those - who failed - wouldn't blink an eye and come out with 'rs5000? ki langet mais mo kav tracer et mo ava re-sit next time?'

Wez Tout-Court said...

@Sun being a slave requires hard work too! So overruled...hard-work is the key! :)

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