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Friday, May 22, 2009

Cynicism does haunt me sometimes...

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Today was one of the most boring days of my life; when I say boring I should probably add irksome too. Day by day I get the feeling that I’m leading a humdrum existence. That mental weariness is also compounded by the selfish acts of people who are around me. Since the beginning of time, women have been used by men and still are. You may think you are independent but there’s always a man who thinks he can control you, in one way or another. Some of them would brawl to make you pay attention and then some would manipulate you with their silence. Is it ever going to end? So much for the gender equality but hey we forgot something….MEN’S EGO! I don’t know where that need to prove to others that they are the best and the strongest sprout from. Have they never heard about speech being silver and silence being gold?? If Pierre Luquet (God bless his soul) was still alive maybe he could have given us some more thorough answers about that! Now, now! I’m not a man-hater but some of them do get on my nerves. I ‘m not trying to generalize here – though it does sound like it – and my excuse is that I’m a woman and that’s one of my prerogatives! I do feel bitchy when some ponces who got no sense of decorum, decide to rub me the wrong way deliberately. And thank you, I am big enough to make my own decisions!

P.S: If you think I’m a misandrist then yes you are a jerk!

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